How do I get Code Red by Code Shoppe?

Code Red is exclusively available from Code Shoppe.  In order to get setup with an account you will need to schedule a demonstration and get a proposal.

How do I get a Free Trial?

We don't currently offer a free trial but are more than happy to provide you with a demonstration of how Code Red might solve your business problems.

How much does it cost?

See pricing link

Does it integrate with QuickBooks Online?


Can it integrate with multiple QuickBooks Online Accounts?


Can it integrate with other software service?

So long as the software you wish to integrate with has an open API, Code Red can integrate with it.

Does Code Red have API?

Yes,  Code Red does have an API/Direct connection to your data.  We can prepare specific end points or even provide you with a direct connection to your data.  However, direct connection to your data does require additional security, setup and costs.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, nightly