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Tailored Software Solutions:

Balancing Cost, Efficiency, and Growth for Small Businesses

We understand that venturing into custom software solutions can be both intriguing and daunting. Your curiosity about whether such an investment aligns with your budget, or concerns about possibly expending time and resources on an unfeasible option, are completely valid. This article aims to offer transparency about our processes and a clear understanding of the costs involved in the solutions we provide.

Recognizing that traditional, large-scale custom software development—requiring a significant team and extensive resources across design, coding, testing, and more—might be beyond reach for growing small businesses due to its substantial cost, we've tailored an alternative strategy to better suit your needs.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused on addressing your primary concern effectively through an initial implementation. This strategy not only solves "The Problem" promptly but also substantially reduces initial costs, laying the foundation for a trustful partnership. As your business evolves, we're here to support continuous enhancement to your solution, ensuring a valuable and scalable investment.

We leverage our vast experience, reusable codebases, third-party libraries, and pre-existing frameworks to further minimize initial costs. It's often possible to have a basic project operational in mere hours.

To initiate our collaboration, we propose a no-cost, no-obligation discovery call. This conversation allows us to understand your specific needs and challenges and explore potential solutions. Following this, we outline a proposal detailing our approach to solving "The Problem" and our ongoing relationship post-implementation.

Project Types and Cost

We offer two project types—simple Google scripts and more comprehensive web applications—catered to varying needs and scales. Our costs are broken down into labor, shared software services, and cloud computing resources. Labor rates vary based on the task, ranging from $125 to $300 per hour. For shared software services, such as QuickBooks integration, we charge a modest monthly fee of $25. Cloud computing resources, essential for web applications, typically cost around $300 monthly.

Concerning costs, a simple Google script project typically ranges between $750 and $2,500, with an additional $25 per month for QuickBooks service access if required. Web application projects are generally priced between $5,000 and $20,000, plus $300 monthly for cloud computing resources.

We're committed to offering solutions that not only solve your immediate problems but also provide lasting value and adapt as your business grows.

Curious how process automation is helping small businesses grow? Download our free whitepaper. To find out if Code Shoppe is a good fit for you and your business, simply complete the contact form below or click "Book a time now!" to schedule a free consultation directly on our calendar.

Growing Pains

Your small business is growing and now the processes and systems that worked in the beginning are taking too much time leading to overwhelm, frustration, and human error. If only there was more time in the day to get it all done. We've got good news, there can be! Code Shoppe helps small business owners, like yourself, get time back, increase productivity and customer satisfaction, and position your business for growth.


Code Shoppe is a business consulting service for small and medium sized businesses(SMBs). We specialize in process automation and integrating all systems into a single source of truth. We have extensive experience building software that integrates with QuickBooks and offer a free initial consultation.

It’s our mission to help you recapture lost or inefficient time!

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